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CELOS® by DMG MORI simplifies and accelerates the process from the idea to the finished product. CELOS® APPs allow the user consistent management, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data. CELOS® combines workshop and higher level company structures and thereby creates the basis for a consistently digitalised, paperless production. CELOS®is compatible with PPS- and ERP-SYSTEMS and can be linked to CAD / CAM applications. CELOS® is open for future-oriented CELOS® APP extensions.

CELOS® as a clear information medium:

CELOS® visualises the current condition of the machine regarding the process, provides important key figures about the current order and informs the operator with special icons and text messages about possible errors.

21,5'' ERGOline® Control with multi-touch screen

Uniform user interface with intuitive touch functionality.

As a control- and technology- independent system, CELOS® optimises the interaction between man and machine. Key benefits include the new DMG MORI ERGOline® Control operator terminal, featuring a 21.5'' multi-touch screen and icon-supported, gesture-driven user interface.

But via job-specific software applications, CELOS® also combines local shop floor know-how with external software solutions, including CAD / CAM and proprietary company production systems (ERP / PPS) - even interactive communication with a global production network is possible.

    Uniform, intuitive user interface for all high-tech machines from DMG and MORI SEIKI
    Consistent administration, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data.
    Compatible with PPS and ERP systems. Can be networked with CAD / CAM products. Open to trendsetting CELOS® APP extensions.


  • Simplifies and speeds up the process from the idea to the finished product
  • Provides a consistent user interface for all new high-tech machines by DMG MORI
  • 30% faster to the finished product by reducing interfaces between workshop and parent company structures 
  • Increases holistically the profitability of production as well as the corporate process chain
  • Multi-Touch operating panel on CELOS® with MITSUBISHI, for pioneering operating comfort with unique functionality
  • 21,5" multi-touch screen for quick and easy operation
  • SMARTkey®: Customised user authorisation. Individually adapted access privileges to the control system and the machine. With internal USB memory.

Uniform user interface with intuitive touch control.

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