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Intelligent machining solutions for Advanced Materials

With its two trendsetting technology fields ULTRASONIC and LASERTEC SAUER represents the ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES of DMG MORI since 2001 and offers additional solutions for the economical machining of complex materials. Due to the implementation of the ULTRASONIC and LASERTEC technology into the 5-axis milling machines of DMG MORI, demanding and filigree geometries into hard-to-machine materials can be produced more efficient and even most precise. For example PCD-tools, Composite components, textured injection moulds or fine optics can only be machined in high quality by using the Advanced Technologies. In the following you can read more in detail about the Advanced Technologies also including representative success stories.


Furthermore customer can benefit from the intelligent technology integrations offered by SAUER. For example the unique combination of laser deposition welding with a powder nozzle and milling on the LASERTEC 65 3D, is an innovative generative machining method. It allows a faster production of complex geometries and individual 3D parts. Especially large components up to Ø 500 mm can be produced cost-effectively with this hybrid solution.

LASERTEC 65 3D Video

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