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Technology-Cycles Milling / Milling-Turning

Quick and easy programming of complex machining
  • Technology cycles with decades of technology know-how from DMG MORI – application development
  • Complex machining is entered directly on the machine via a dialogue
  • Machining functions are generated automatically
  • Easy programme generation by the machine operator, no complicated DIN programming
  • Utilise the full potential of your machines with absolute user-friendliness

Highlights Technology-Cycles Milling / Milling-Turning

  • ATC - Application Tuning Cycle
    • Process-oriented tuning of feed rate in relation to table loading
    • Minimised processing time with maximised component quality, also depending on the workpiece weight
  • Grinding
    • Spindle integrated AE-Sensor (acoustic emission) detects first contact between grinding wheel and workpiece
    • For internal, external and face grinding
    • Dressing cycles for dressing the grinding wheel
  • 3D quickSET®
    • Toolik for checking and correcting the kinematic accuracy for 4-axis and 5-axis machine configurations
    • All head variations and table axes
  • Fit in - B-axis plunging
    • Full use of work space for internal processing
    • The positional changes caused by turning
    • The Z-axis remains in retracted position while
  • L-measuring probe package
    • Measurement of ridges and grooves
    • Measurement of diameters
    • Two different packages
  • Efficient Production Package
    • Solutions for a safe process and for the
  • Interpolation turning
    • With interpolation turning, the tool cutter follows a circular movement, whereby the cutter is always oriented towards the centre of the circle
  • DMG MORI gearMILL®
    • Productive full machining on one standard machine
    • Cost efficient Gear cutting on standard machines with standard tools
    • Flexible for various types of gear cutting
  • gearSKIVING
    • Straight, helical external or internal spur and spline gears
    • Machining of gears close to shoulders without interference
    • Synchronization and tool path controlled by the cycle
    • Reduced process costs due to reduced main, set-up and idle time: Higher flexibility, lower machine investment
    • One cycle for Turning and Milling
  • Alternating speed
    • Vibration prevention by means of speed adaptation
    • Application for both the main and the counter spindle
    • Application for the tool drive, e. g. to prevent vibrations when long drills are used
  • Excentric machining
    • Overlaying the turning movement with additional X- and Y-traverses
    • Applicable for turning and milling
  • Multitool
    • Efficient use of multiple-tip turning tools with more than one cutting edge on Turn & Mill
    • Several twin tools on one main tool holder
    • Reduces tool change times
    • Saves tool magazine space
  • MPC 2.0 – Machine Protection Control
    • Vibration sensor in the milling spindle
    • NEW: Cutting force monitoring for drilling and tapping
    • NEW: Unbalance display in idle running
    • NEW: Upgrade of older MPC-Version available now
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