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DMG MORI Spindle Service

Spindle Safety – Eliminate unpleasant surprises

Spindle repair directly from the manufacturer - for your safety

With us as the manufacturer you can be sure that: All spindle service staff are highly qualified, always up to the state-of-the-art and have many years of experience in the repair of spindles! Each spindle repair is carried out professionally and with absolute reliability. It goes without saying that only original spare parts are used.

Bearings and adjustments: We know the wide variety of bearings, spacer ring adjustments and adjustments for all the spindles which are available on the market. If the necessary details are unknown, the result can be expensive damage to the bearings and milling spindles - up to total economic loss. 

Rotary feedthrough: Which rotary feedthrough is recommended for which spindle? We have the required know-how! The rotary feedthrough requires precise adjustment during fitting. A leaking rotary feedthrough leads to the penetration of liquids into the motor spindle with serious consequences. 

Balancing, rebalancing, fine balancing: The necessary balance precision can be ensured using special machines. Fine adjustment can only be carried out by specialists with many years of experience. If there is an imbalance, the ceramic bearings will be damaged, and imbalances and vibration will cause bad workpiece surfaces. 

Chuck systems: A wide range of different chuck systems with different seals for internal coolant feed is available. Things can go wrong if this know-how is missing. In serious cases, it can lead to the loosening of the tool. 

Rotary encoder: Precise matching of the encoder signal with regard to amplitude and phase angle is a necessary requirement for optimum running and control properties. If the signal location is not precise, considerable imbalances will occur within the spindle. This leads to vibrations which cause bad surface qualities on the workpieces. Bearing noise will also occur. 

Motor spindle windings: Parameters such as the inductivity, insulation resistance and phase angle are unknown to third parties. This results in a risk of axle servo overload. 

Kinematic settings after spindle replacement: The interaction between kinematics and basic machine geometry is vital for machine precision. The differing procedures required for control systems from Siemens or Heidenhain require detailed expert knowledge. Consequential damage: considerable precision deviations occur if the kinematics are not set correctly. 

DMG MORI Service

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